About Us

Gayna Williams and Tracey Lovejoy are the gleefully energetic founders of UX Careers Unlimited, proud sponsor of the You in UX global online career summit. They are UX managers and leaders who spent a lot of time going to the many UX events on methods, strategies, innovation and that sort of thing. Their eureka moment came when they realized that although UX is the hottest topic in business development today, there is a dreadful gap in support for real career development of UX individuals.

Despite their two heads, Gayna and Tracey are single-minded in their mission to maximize the success and happiness of UX professionals around the world. That’s why they joined forces to launch UX Careers Unlimited. That’s also why they created You in UX as an event dedicated to sparking career-changing moments for UX professionals.

You in UX amplifies the career potential of UX professionals worldwide by:
1. Providing access to mentoring from top UX professionals and leadership experts
2. Offering a set of talks that address the biggest career questions and challenges across the UX community today
3. Increasing the power of the UX Community by ensuring we know and learn from our own stories
4. Delivering actionable insights that can be put into practice right away
5. Providing global access to the experience by making it online

Gayna and Tracey intend for You in UX to be more than an online conference. It is a celebration of User Experience and the supremely talented people who are literally changing the way we interact with technology, with the world and with each other. It is a forum for empowering UX professionals to forge career paths that suit their talent and ambition.

In addition to having more than 30 years of combined UX experience, Gayna and Tracey are each skilled Leadership Coaches passionate about helping designers, researchers and managers craft the lives they want to lead and enable organizations to create healthy, high-performing cultures.

Contact Gayna and Tracey: info@uxcareersunlimited.com